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A Mild Rear-End Collision and Why You Should Visit Your Doctor

Gierth-Eddy Law Offices, PLLC Sept. 7, 2021

If you are the victim of a rear-end collision, you may wish to seek medical attention even if you think you have no injuries. Findings from a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study indicate that rear-end collisions account for nearly 29% of all U.S. traffic accidents that result in serious injuries or death.

A doctor’s report will also be essential when you file a claim for compensation.

A Physical Reaction

Even if you are the victim of a low-speed, rear-end collision, you will definitely feel the impact. Your body is not made to withstand a sudden, violent jolt and will respond by releasing chemicals such as adrenalin that can hide pain and certain types of injuries temporarily. You should seek prompt medical attention since you might have underlying injuries. In addition, your doctor will write a report, which will be essential in terms of insurance compensation.

Insurance Company Criteria

Insurance company representatives follow standard criteria, which they will use in evaluating your accident claim. The insurer may try to downplay your injuries or even deny your claim altogether. However, the doctor’s report you submit will describe your diagnosis and the proposed treatment plan. The report will also confirm that your injury was a direct result of the rear-end crash.

Claim for Compensation

When the time comes for you to file a claim for compensation, remember that the insurance company may offer you a lowball settlement. An advocate working on your behalf will negotiate for full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses, pain and suffering and more.