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How Can Road Rage Influence a Driver?

On Behalf of Gierth-Eddy Law Offices, PLLC June 8, 2022

As you continue to make your way along a highway or another road, you will likely see a variety of drivers around you. Some may follow the road rules, while others may seem aggravated and act in strange ways.

Road rage is one common phenomenon that can lead to auto accidents. Knowing how these emotions influence potential crashes can help you as you continue to drive.

Overwhelming Frustration

According to Healthline, some people may express their frustration by following another driver to scare or annoy them. This can escalate into tailgating, which is when one driver speeds or acts recklessly in order to follow another car.

When the feeling of anger overtakes a person, they can forget to check for oncoming traffic and pedestrians standing around them. Not only can road rage lead to a car crash, but it can also put everyone around this person in danger. The frustration can spread and lead to the other driver reacting in anger at the same time.

Mistakes and Confusion

When a person is speeding over the limit or trying to dodge other cars around them on the road, they often make mistakes. This kind of single-minded focus on one other car can lead to accidents when they pull out in front of a turning vehicle or fail to stop in time at a light.

Lack of Communication

Road rage often leads to a lack of proper communication among drivers, along with rude gestures and dangerous maneuvers. If someone does not signal in time to warn other cars where they are turning, they can cause an accident.

If you are in a crash, you may struggle with injuries you got from a driver with road rage.