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How Should I Handle a Hit-And-Run?

On Behalf of Gierth-Eddy Law Offices, PLLC Jan. 4, 2021

Any variety of car accident is frustrating, but few are more irritating than a hit-and-run accident. The majority of advice for the aftermath of car accidents depends on the other person being present. Naturally, in a hit-and-run this is not the case. 

It may be infuriating to watch the culprit drive away from the scene, but it is important to keep a calm head. As per to State Farm, after moving your car out of the flow of traffic you should make sure that you talk to any eyewitnesses of the accident. 

What Should I Do Immediately After?

The first thing is to resolve to stay at the scene of the crime. Some people have an urge to chase after the culprit, but this is always a bad idea. Park your car out of moving traffic if this is necessary, and if anybody has sustained an injury make sure to call 911. 

If nobody has sustained an injury, call the police non-emergency number so that you can create a police report for the accident. 

How Can Eyewitnesses Help?

Eyewitnesses are particularly helpful in a hit-and-run accident because most Americans have smartphones these days. This means that an eyewitness may have a picture or video footage of either the culprit or his or her car. If you can get a license plate number from the footage of an eyewitness, it will be much simpler for the authorities to find the culprit. 

Even if no eyewitnesses have footage of the culprit, having statements to the effect that the other driver involved in the accident drove away is very useful for insurance purposes.