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Medical Documentation that May Help Your Catastrophic Injury Case

On Behalf of Gierth-Eddy Law Offices, PLLC Sept. 13, 2022

Catastrophic injuries can happen in a split second and often have life-altering consequences.

You will need a considerable amount of medical treatment. For your case to succeed, you will also need to collect a great deal of medical evidence.

First Contact with Your Doctor

Keep a copy of your first appointment records. If the accident caused hospitalization, make sure you have your admission paperwork with the date clearly visible. It will also help if the accompanying police report has a date stamp on or around the same day.

Photographic Evidence of Injury

Having a copy of x-rays and photos taken by EMTs or friends and family will help show the severity of your injuries. Just like with the appointment records, make sure each photo or x-ray has a date. Take photos from different angles and look to avoid shadows that conceal parts of the image.

Medical Bills and Insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Organize all your receipts, copays and insurance estimates based on your claim. The more you have in hand, the easier it will be to keep your case moving. Otherwise, you have to wait for subpoenas and discovery to run their course. If the insurance company denied your claim, bring copies of that paperwork too.

Personal injury cases are often complex. The Washington State Legislature has outlined penalties that can result when another party’s negligence caused an automobile accident. The more documentation you have, the likelier it is that a judge or jury will see it your way.