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Pedestrian Safety Intersections and Dangerous Roads

Gierth-Eddy Law Offices, PLLC March 11, 2020

Pedestrians face the risk of an accident each time they walk near traffic, especially if they need to cross the road at some point or walk very close to other vehicles in certain spots. Moreover, some roads are especially dangerous and certain intersections see an unusually high number of pedestrian accidents. It is imperative for drivers to stay vigilant and look out for other vehicles as well as those walking or riding a bicycle. Also, pedestrians who are struck by careless drivers must explore their legal options. 

On their site, the U.S. Department of Transportation provides helpful information related to pedestrian safety and accident prevention. Aside from drawing attention to reckless driving (drunk driving, etc.), the DOT points out the importance of designer safer streets for pedestrians. For example, speed bumps and other features make certain areas safer for pedestrians, which is especially important given their vulnerability when an accident occurs. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also provided helpful material regarding pedestrian safety. The CDC offers tips for pedestrians to stay safe, such as crossing streets in designated areas, avoiding distractions and increasing one’s visibility while walking at night. Moreover, the CDC posted data that draws attention to the increased probability of a pedestrian accident for older adults and young children. 

Sadly, even when pedestrians do everything they can to stay safe and cross roads properly, they face the risk of an accident. Far too many reckless drivers are on roads across the country and these drivers often have an especially difficult time watching out for pedestrians.