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What Injuries to Rear-End Crashes Cause?

On Behalf of Gierth-Eddy Law Offices, PLLC Sept. 17, 2022

When most people think of rear-end crashes, certain injuries come to mind. Specifically, whiplash injuries often end up associated with this type of crash.

What about rear-end crashes tend to result in whiplash injuries? What other sorts of injuries happen due to this type of crash?

Mislabeling of Whiplash Injuries

Mayo Clinic takes a close look at the most common injuries associated with rear-end crashes, especially whiplash. Whiplash happens due to the whip-like back-and-forth snapping motion that the head and neck make when a large amount of force crashes into the back of the car.

For a while, this injury often ended up mislabeled as mild. However, more people have since come to understand that it can actually have serious impacts on the people who suffer from it. It can even cause permanent nerve damage for some, resulting in sensations that victims describe as burning like heat or feeling like needles, pins or even electric shocks.

Motion Range Impacts

It can also seriously impact a person’s range of motion. Many victims have to wear neck braces for a period of time after the crash, allowing their neck to heal in the proper positioning. Even after removing the brace, many people complain of pain when they turn their heads too far in any direction.

Other injuries also happen due to rear-end crashes, such as head trauma, brain damage, bruising and even broken bones. Though rear-end crashes often have a better outcome than head-on crashes, this does not mean that they do not result in any damage at all. Victims of rear-end crashes have their own need for damages and compensation.